Wedding Coverage

    What it costs
The basic cost for wedding photo service is $400 plus travel expenses
(mileage is charged at 40 cents per kilometer in excess of 40 Kilometers.)
In exchange, you will get 4 hours of service including
attendance at the bride's home and at the ceremony,
and formal pictures after the ceremony.
Also, if time permits, attendance at the groom's home.
Additional hours may be contracted at an hourly rate of $75.

Still looking for a wedding officiant?
I recommend Larry Hurley
click this link to go to

Larry's website

What you get
You will get a  CD-ROM containing all of the photographs taken.
I guarantee that a minimum of 40 of the digital images will be suitable for enlargement,without loss of detail, to at least 8" by 10" format.
( If additional hours are purchased, my guarantee
covers 10 additional images per additional hour)

Click here to see
some examples of my work

What you can do with the CD-ROM
You will have the right to reproduce the images,
without modification other than cropping,
in print and on a personal web-site
provided that you include the copyright.

To set up an appointment to view print copies of my work
call me at 613-921-0948.